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EDSP hw feb. 7 - • How students progress will be measured...

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Alexandra Nass EDSP210 February 7, 2012 The 5 Foundational guarantees to P.L. 94-142/IDEIA 1. Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE): Free= special education and related services at no cost Appropriate= “ EDUCATIONAL BENEFIT” Public= zero reject, no exclusion on the basis of a disability Education= specially designed instruction and related services 2. Individualized Education Plan (IEP): a written statement that provides an opportunity for parents and professionals to join together developing specially designed instruction to meet one students needs. Statement of students present level of academic achievement and functional performance Statement of measurable annual goals (alternate assessment aligned to alternative achievement standards, such as “ ABC’s”) Statement of specific special education, related services, and supplementary aids, services, and supports Statement how disability affects child’s involvement Projected dates for beginning of services, modifications
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Unformatted text preview: • How students progress will be measured 3. Least Restrictive Environment (LRE): educating students with disabilities with their non-disabled peer to the maximum extent appropriate • LRE suggests preference for students education alongside non-disabled peers, also should occur when appropriate 4. Nondiscriminatory Assessment • School districts must provide procedures not to be racial or cultural discriminatory, administered in child’s native language or mode of communication, no single procedure shall be the sole criterion • Multidisciplinary Assessment: Trained personnel from several disciplines, professional contributes according to their own specialty area. 5. Due Process: Provides constitutional guarantees • Parental safeguard: giving consent in writing (before the child is evaluated) • Involvement: participate on committee of the evaluation, placement, and programs for the child...
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