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Farr and Patterson, 2009 Transracial adoptions occurred more often among lesbian and gay than among heterosexual couples, and they occurred more often among interracial than among same- race couples. Lesbian and gay couples were more likely than heterosexual couples to be interracial. ** When talking about adoption laws Decided on state level not federal level Florida- strictest in banning adoption Their laws banning gay adoption overturned **Today 3 states ban Arkansas- prohibits gay/ straight couples from banning adoption but don’t forbid single
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Unformatted text preview: parents from adoption Mississippi- pass constitutional amendment to their state, limit adoption to single people or married couples gay couples can only adopt if their single, denying joint adoption Utah - forbids non married couples to adopt but does not recognize same-sex unions as well, child may not be adopted by a person whos cohabiting thats under the laws of this state...
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