11:14 sex and relationship

11:14 sex and relationship - FMSC298F What has changed Sex...

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FMSC298F What has changed? Sex and relationship formation on College Campuses Courtship - 1920’s preparation for marriage, commitment, Mormons, respect for parental authority to ask for permission to see daughter idea of considering her for marriage. Step towards getting to know someone with the idea of marriage in mind. Dating- can be an exclusive relationship, or your going on different dates, not having to ask for permission. Hooking up- looking for options not interested in commitment, looking for fun, one nightstand. Age is a major factor, and can also lead into dating What is a hookup? Doesn’t necessarily imply there’s interest in a relationship but can lead into relationship Getting to know someone relationship, in a sexual and physical way somewhat like old fashion dating Usually drunk, physical and sexual relationship No relationship involved at all Findings from the England and Thomas (2005) Study: # students that hooked up Of the students surveyed a little more than 20% had never hooked up Interview questions: Quantatative Research: Closed ended question : Have you had oral sex since you’ve been on campus? Based on point system make them pick answers: Yes, No problematic because sometimes things aren’t just yes or no questions but you’re making them select to get points Qualitative research: Open ended questions : What is hooking up to you? Let the person talk using their own language, find themes in the things
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11:14 sex and relationship - FMSC298F What has changed Sex...

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