fmsc test1 - Alexandra Nass FMSC test 1 review 9/26/2011...

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Unformatted text preview: Alexandra Nass FMSC test 1 review 9/26/2011 Test INFO **Hardest: same-sex marriage legislation and policies know: (timeline) have to put specific 4 cases on it, right place, and describe the 4 cases (8 points), only dates are for state laws in same- sex marriages- 23 multiple choice/ fill in blanks- 7 true/false- 30 questions 2 points each- 3 essay questions -20 points- Whole thing = 80 points- Extra credit- 4 points Families past& present reading- Census bureau definition for family- how many ppl are in household, and how many ppl within the same house- Family definition not totally exclusive at time- More psychologically based definition based on feelings (has its limitations)- 1950’s where were getting the idea what family should look like in the US: economically more indusive to having structure of 2 parent household “social norm family”- Prior to 1950’s great depression, child labor, stock market crash, racial tensions, 1/3 marriages end- Certain policies: o GI Bill- men can receive the benefits, pay for college tuition if you served in world war eligible for payments of $1 on home, certain benefits received o Minimum wage annually increases- Context definition- Theory of branken Brenner **- breaks down context into specific systems, place interventions and do research to see if factors or diff. interventions made a specific diff. or not on lives of families—apply idea of interventions to them (case studies in films)- Behavior definition occurs within a context- Culture- our idea automatically makes us think of race, within the diff. racial categories are diff. ethnic identies, think of what racial categories are and what the ethnic categories are diff....
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fmsc test1 - Alexandra Nass FMSC test 1 review 9/26/2011...

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