FOF hw - Alexandra Nass FMSC 298F Assignment#2 9 14 11 The...

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Alexandra Nass FMSC 298F Assignment #2 9/ 14/ 11 The federal government should be responsible for offering all services that could potentially improve outcomes for families. The government drastically impacts the lives of people everyday. Whether the involvement of helping them in services is actually beneficial, they should still offer to help. The roles the government plays on society are based on being able to provide and help those who are living in it. The services that are provided to improve families will only better the community as a whole. Marriage is a really important aspect of life. Being in a married relationship secures a solid way to be looked upon in a society. Marriage provides a sense of stability, and responsibility, which can cause greater influence on job benefits. Your community can be more applicable because you are married, and others around you can help you out more. Marriage also provides a sense of certainty. There is greater sharing of economic and social resources by married couples. People are able to spend less money on leisurely activities such as going out for dinner, and
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FOF hw - Alexandra Nass FMSC 298F Assignment#2 9 14 11 The...

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