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January 31, 2012 General Theoretical Perspectives Psychology the science of understanding human individuals affect, behavior, and cognition Cognition the way we think and the way we process things in our mind Affect feeling state Socio-biological (evolutionary) Why do we do what we do Genetic chaos (mutation) Thought and behavior can be inherited Life is hard, resources are limited “Fittest” survive and reproduce Much of what exists was/is adapted Social Learning (behaviorism) Behaviorism organism are designed to seek pleasure and avoiding pain
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Unformatted text preview: o Pleasure biological / psychological need o Pain something detrimental to well-being • Behavior determined by experience with outcome • Some species can learn by observation Socio-cultural do things our culture tells us to do • Group norms guide thought and behavior o True vs. false o Right vs. wrong o Attractive vs. repulsive o Masculine vs. feminine Social Cognitive • Thought and behavior are guided by: o Beliefs (facts) o Attitudes (evaluations of objects) o Expectations o Goals o Memory...
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