notes 2-2 - Relationships Emotions Prejudice...

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February 2, 2012 Placebos sugar pill o Measure the difference of having the medication and not having the medication o Better research outcome Behaviors that people do: 1. Putting on make-up a. Social culture you see people wearing make-up b. Learning positive result from wearing make-up c. Social cognitive beliefs d. Social biological attract a mate Subfields – What is a Psychologist? Someone whose job psychology Clinical psychology: o Studies / treats psychological disorders (severe) Schizophrenia Bipolar Addiction Counseling Psychology: o Treats / studies psychological disorders / problems (less severe) Depression Person / family counseling Developmental Psychology: o Studies how psychology develops over a life span How a child learns point of view How attachment changes over time Social Psychology: o Studies the influence of others on the individual
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Unformatted text preview: Relationships Emotions Prejudice Indiscrimination Lying Judgments Industrial Organizational Psychology: o Studies psychology in the work place / applies psychology to the workplace Goals Work place culture Cognitive Psychology: o Studies cognitive processes Memory Attention Expectations Neuropsychology: o Studies the physiology of psychology Neurons Brain structures Other subfields of Psychology Educational psychology School psychology Forensic psychology (law) Sport psychology Engineering psychology (how do we make experience better for this individual) Find out more about psychology:
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notes 2-2 - Relationships Emotions Prejudice...

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