notes 2-7 - o Measure and measure two variables...

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February 7,2012 Measurement Can you measure concepts (constructs) in psychology? o Observation observe a behavior Naturalistic environment (people watching) Structured environment (laboratory) o Self report o Other Psychophysiological (something that happens to you when your sleeping) Non reactive (cant control what you are measuring) Example of Measurement attractive (observation) or attracted (self-report) Seventeen Magazine psychological measure o Self report o Not good study because you lie to yourself Timelines of studies: Longitudinal study the same people at different periods of time Cross- sectional only one time period on one day you measure everyone at the same time Case study only looking at one person and following them around for a long period of time- very specific Archival use archives, data that already exists to find out about people Research Designs- causation Correlation
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Unformatted text preview: o Measure and measure two variables Experimental o Manipulate then measure Change a variable and see what happens Correlations (CORRELATION DOES NOT MEAN CAUSE!!!) Positive correlations o Number of fire fighters at scene and damage that is done as number of firefighters show up, there is more damage Negative correlation o Holding baby and amount of carrying the more you hold a baby, the less crying you will have Spurious correlation things that are correlation (go together) but dont cause each other o Measure how much ice cream they sell on a given day and the number of drowning deaths (hotter outside, they eat ice cream and go swimming) Curvilinear relationship as one thing goes up, the other thing goes down and then up again- performance with increase will stress but with too much stress your performance will decrease....
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notes 2-7 - o Measure and measure two variables...

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