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February 9, 2012 A negative correlation is a number that could range up to -1 No correlation is closest to 0 -9 and 9 are exactly the same in strength just different in direction Positive numbers, positive correlation Discussion- Correlation VS Causation Recent commercial “people that eat multigrain tend to weigh less”- negative correlation o Manipulation which cereal they eat (the experimenter changes experiment for different people) Conceptual variable Operationalization How would you operationalize (take a variable and make it real)
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Unformatted text preview: o Aggressive driving: Weaving Cut people off o Attraction to a classmate How much you talk Do you sit next to each other • Converging operations using different ways of measuring something to get better results Bias • Selection bias random assignment • Rosenthal effect treats the control group differently and treats you differently because they know whose in what group • Demand characteristics we think we know what the researcher wants so we change our answer...
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