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notes 2-14 - rat then loud noise o Backward delay noise...

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February 14, 2012 Behavioral Psychology Classical Conditioning Natural Behaviors Operant Conditioning changing behaviors for different reinforcement Pavlov and his crew o Had dogs and had them connected to a thing and any drooling they did, went through a tube o If you give the dog meat, they will naturally drool. o Every time you give the meat, ding, meat, drool causes a natural response. Little Albert o NS (natural stimulant) stimulus that has no natural response. o UCS (unconditioned stimulance) a loud noise because It gives you an unconditioned response o UCR (unconditioned Response) o Pairing the NS to the UCS forward-short delay o Forward delays you give the natural stim first then the UCS (first
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Unformatted text preview: rat then loud noise) o Backward delay noise then the rat (UCS then NS) o CS CR- caused by CS o UCR is same behavior as CR o NS and UCS are the same stimulus • Generalization- in classical conditioning o Being conditioned gets generalized to other stimulants o Habituation you get used to CS and conditioning wares off o Spontaneous recovery spontaneously comes back o Discrimination when you done generalize and you distinct. o Garcia affect natural conditioning response to food illness is extremely easy to pair Getting sick from a specific food and can never eat that certain food ever again....
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