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PSYC 100 Exam Policies copy

PSYC 100 Exam Policies copy - Preparing for the Exam Like...

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Preparing for the Exam Like any moment in life that requires your complete professional attention (a job interview, performance evaluation meeting, work-related presentation, etc.) it is essential that you are fully prepared and aware of all relevant expectations and policies. You MUST have: > Your student ID card on your desk – no ID, no exam > Two sharpened pencils (#2) – sharpener available in the Office of Undergraduate Studies (BPS 1107) > Two pens (black or blue ink) You MAY NOT have: > Anything other than a bottle of water on the desk > A cell phone – electronic devices must be off and secured (not in your pocket). > Any paper, notes or materials not distributed to all students Important Exam Policies : > The exam begins promptly at the beginning of class. No one will be admitted late to the exam room… like any other professional moment you are either here on time or you are not. Plan to make more than enough time to get yourself to the room and settled in ready to begin.
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