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Syllabus Supplement - PSYC 100 Research Requirement-1 copy

Syllabus Supplement - PSYC 100 Research Requirement-1 copy...

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D EPARTMENT OF P SYCHOLOGY . O FFICE OF U NDERGRADUATE S TUDIES Effective Fall 2011 Policy Reviewed & Approved by BSOS (6/23/11) and Office of Legal Affairs (6/24/11) Page 1 of 1 Non scholae sed vitae discimus PSYC 100 Research Experience Requirement All students taking PSYC 100 at the University of Maryland must satisfy the Department of Psychology’s Research Experience Requirement . This document explains why research experience is a necessary part of this course, how you will satisfy the requirement and what you need to know about the department’s policy. W HY IS R ESEARCH E XPERIENCE R EQUIRED ? An important goal of PSYC 100 is that all students in the course gain a strong understanding of how empirical research in psychology is conducted and used to evaluate theories. The best way to learn about the research process is to experience it first-hand. Some of the most exciting and cutting-edge research is being conducted right here at Maryland, so there’s no better opportunity to learn about scientific psychology than by participating in those studies.
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