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history 1.25 - o South has always put a pride on personal...

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JANUARY 26, 2012 Civil War and Reconstruction (1861-1865) What caused the civil war? o “No slavery, no civil war” slavery is an economic system but it is rarely only an economic system. It also determined the class structure, power structure, and wealth/status. o Destroy southern society if you took away slaves o Slavery was the southern way of life o Northern whites did not care about slavery o Southern slave owners thought that slavery was in jeopardy o Without slavery compete with blacks o Tried to leave union to preserve life o Troops were dispatched to bring states back into the country o North attacked south to preserve U.S keep union from succeeding o Without slavery would never have a war because they would not feel threatened o After 1863 a secondary goal of a war was established o Fought in matter as their defense
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Unformatted text preview: o South has always put a pride on personal honor peer pressure o A lot of immigrants fought o About 1/5 of union army was black by end of war o Safe to say that reason why they fought was to end slavery o North wins Reconstruction (1865-1877) o Three elements Economic Labor system gone south lost the war Destroyed cities, crops, fields, bridges Political How south was going to come back into the union Lincoln was assassinated Run under martial law radical change South understood that killing Lincoln was a mistake Racial Men/women no one knew what their status was Blacks were nothing/ undetermined White south said there was no equality and would be violent- resist....
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history 1.25 - o South has always put a pride on personal...

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