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February 1, 2012 La Prieta – Gloria E. Anzaldua Internalized- oppression- Society telling you who you are and believing it – self- hatred Her piece is angry She wants to do something and make change Identity: o Labels o If you move from group to group- your label changes o She knows who she is but everybody only knows who they are as an individual o Took her a while to create her identity o Grew into her identity and out of her fear o Think of herself as a less person because of color
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Unformatted text preview: o Page 222 “in her eyes and in the eye. ..” Being told that she is not normal and not accepted o Takes time to form your own identity • Not about the individual people, its about the system that these people are placed in Stereotype making assumptions without knowing who the people really are • As much as we are aware of the issues, we are still all apart of it...
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