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Lacey Pincus MUET 200 Section 0109 4-4-10 Performance Paper Outline Introduction: Thesis: I loved the concert put on by Jay-Z mainly because of several factors that really enhanced the performance, Jay-Z’s connection with the audience, and some cultural identities that I could identify with presented at the concert. Artist: Jay-Z Venue: Verison Center Date: March 3 rd 2010 Body Paragraph #1: Cultural Identities -Geared toward a male audience -i.e. songs like 99 problems, talks about women as problems -Young males, majority in college or 20’s, Body Paragraph #2: Performance Enhancers -Backdrop/ Lightshow -Very detailed -Appropriate backdrops for certain songs, i.e. Empire state of mind -Entering, exiting through the floor -Played every Jay-Z song I wanted to hear -Blueprint 3 Tour; Blueprint 3 is one of my favorite albums by him -Good seats Body Paragraph #3: Connection with the audience
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Unformatted text preview: -Most of the audience was on their feet for the whole performance-Dancing, reacting to songs-Allowed me to become more involved in the concert-Venue seemed to be sold out-Audience listened when asking to swing jackets or shirts during “Big Pimpin”, enhanced the song Conclusion: -Restate Thesis-Rap up paper-Great concert, thoroughly enjoyed by all my friends who went and I -Would go to another Jay-Z concert in a heartbeat Bibliography Online: Graham, Renee. "Jay-Z pays tribute to his rap roots." Globe Newspaper Company 2006: n. pag. Web. 5 Apr 2010. < te_to_his_rap_roots/>. Scholarly: Reyna, Christine. Brandt, Marc. “Blame It on Hip-Hop: Anti-Rap Attitudes as a Proxy for Prejudice.” Group Processes & Intergroup Relations 12, no. 3 (2009): 361-380....
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performance_paper_outline - -Most of the audience was on...

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