Gender and Work

Gender and Work - October 25, 2011 Gender and Work...

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October 25, 2011 Gender and Work Occupational sex segregation jobs that women have pay less then the jobs that men have. There is some form of inequality here. How do we explain this ? o Remember the toys children are taught gendered expectations for work but this does not explain everything. Kids see pictures of doctors on the play sets and all the pictures are of men so women get the idea that women are not doctors but they are nurses. Women still tend to be worth less in terms of the amount of money that they bring in. o Expectations are flexible and are somewhat shaped into gender as kids. Adults still show these patterns: o Gender women who do masculine work, that creates problems cause people look at them and ask them why they are doing this job. Male nurses used to be unheard of and was such a strange idea to people because people expect male to be doctors. The military is the most masculine job. Boys go out to work to become men. The actual process of being in the military is gendering so when the armed force were integrating, it was a panic to see women becoming apart of it. The more gendered the institution, the more people freak out. If you are not in gender line for a specific job, its weird for everyone o Friends and family if you are in a job where people think its weird and uncomfortable, you might be restrained if you know your going to react weird. o Co-worker support that people that does something unusual, you are very much on your own. If you have no body around you that’s like you, it causes a lot of stress. People tend to stay out of situations that are profoundly uncomfortable for them. Gender is something that people are very uncomfortable about.
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Gender and Work - October 25, 2011 Gender and Work...

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