Race and Institutions

Race and Institutions - October 10, 2011 Race and...

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Unformatted text preview: October 10, 2011 Race and Institutions Race and the Census: There are questions about who can move from one category to another? Racial categories 1790 1.free white males 2.free white females 3.all other free persons 1870 1.white 2.black 3.mulatto 4.indian 1890 1.white 2.black (3/4 th or more black blood 3.mulatto(3/8 th to 5/8 th black blood) 4.quadroons (1/4 th black blood) 5.octoroon (1/8 th or any trace of black blood) 6.indian 7.chinese 8.japenese Affirmative Action to promote equal opportunity and to address existing discrimination and inequality. What was affirmative action created to do? o He feels that affirmative action is important because he sees it as a standing for a larger issue. One of the things that we tend to do is because the civil rights omvel is in the past, and slavaery is even further in the past so race is not something we tlak directly now. He thinks its important to talk about race by problematic. He sees this as a way to talk about the wider issues that he thinks are very important. This was created to take a situation that was seen unequal and to try and make it more equal. Problems towards affirmative action o Takes away opportunities o Reverse discrimination o Puts someone in a position that is too challenging for them o Holds people to a lower standard and doesnt encourage people to do as well as they would be able to do Wises Defense : o We need to pay attention that the whole job system is unequal so it is impossible to expect people to treat them equally. o There is already racial presence in the system but it is in favor for the whites....
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Race and Institutions - October 10, 2011 Race and...

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