The Social Construction of Race

The Social Construction of Race - October 6, 2011 The...

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October 6, 2011 The Social Construction of Race What “People of Color”? (Language really matter) they mean things, they have ideas attached to them and those ideas are powerful. It recognizes that these people all have something in common sociologically,) Definitions and constructions What is race? a hierarchical, socially created system of classification that depends on the assumption of biological difference associated with physical attributes (ex: skin color) o Race is not biological. Less genetic racial lines then there is within the same genetics. How is race constructed (socially created) o Racial formation changes dramatically. Irish people were never considered white people. Italians were never considered white either. They had an unprivileged result. Now they are considered white. o Racial formation is a process. “One drop rule” Is race real? o It’s real in a sense that it has affects. We can measure it with numbers. It has an affect on people. Its real in that it is a system that has an affect on peoples lives. What’s real is what enough people treat as real as an affect so that it can be measured. Stereotypes unreliable generalizations about all members of a group that do not recognize individual’s differences within the group. Assuming that everybody under a category and they all are the same. Does not recognize everybody’s essential humanity. o
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The Social Construction of Race - October 6, 2011 The...

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