prisoners and their future

prisoners and their future - October 4, 2011 Prisons and...

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October 4, 2011 Prisons and Their Future How people were sentenced and jailed varied from place to place. We jail more people more than anyone else . Russia, South Africa, Iran. America is unique in terms of development Who is imprisoned? A lot of white people but by far black and Hispanic are mostly imprisoned. The path out of prison Academic classes can help you get out sooner. Help get a job and be in slightly better circumstances. The path is dropping because funding for classes in prison is dropping. The funding cuts happening right now so people are less likely willing to put money into prisons. Three strikes rule in California- you go to prison for life no matter what the crime is. This is a business, prisons are an industry because u have a labor force that has no choice but to work, make basically nothing. Goods made cheap, great solution. Make a point that this is really almost slavery because labor and forced labor is very powerful that has a lot to do with inequality. Too Many Laws, Too Many Prisoners Running out of space to put prisoners. Three systems that have big flaws- 1.puts too many people away for too long 2.criminalises acts that need not be criminalized 3. it is unpredictable- many people are disobeying the law that were never even aware they were committing a crime.
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prisoners and their future - October 4, 2011 Prisons and...

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