Gender Inequality and Feminism

Gender Inequality and Feminism - October 20, 2011 Gender...

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October 20, 2011 Gender inequality and Feminism We in this culture, have specific ideas of what feminism is. Math class is tough! o The hidden curriculum learning to “do” gender. What is expected? Everything you are being taught how to do. Clothes Activities Toys - girl is a nurse and the male is a doctor in the toy set. Most dolls and play sets are women in wedding dresses. Subjects o Teachers give male children more attention; expect female children to be better at some things and worse at others. No difference in math aptitude before age 7. This suggests that something is happening around the age of puberty and girls go in one direction and boys go in a different direction. o Unpacking privilege what happened when boys and girls were treated equally in a classroom? Why? The teacher was going to treat boys and girls equally. The boys started to feel like they were being called on as much. They thought they were being disadvantaged. If you happen to be the dominant group of things and when something switches up, you tend to think you are being disadvantaged although everything is really equal. We also have to think about race because you can’t separate race and gender. o
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Gender Inequality and Feminism - October 20, 2011 Gender...

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