nickel and dimed

nickel and dimed - Your always going to stay poor if you...

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September 13, 2011 Class and the working poor; How American wealth is distributed A. Poverty: 1. Absolute poverty an absolute minimum level that no one should be below 2. Relative poverty people at the bottom of a nations strata compared to people above them B. Who are the poor? (Metro/non-metro areas) 1. Metro areas make more money 2. Non-Metro areas make less money because there are not many jobs and a lot of people cant afford transportation to get to work 3. Location of poor in the south. Why? The south has always been a popular place for the poor. People in the south come out of slavery and some couldn’t leave and others chose not to leave. C. Nickel and Dimed Then and Now 1. What myth(s) about American life is Erhenreich taking on? If you could live on minimum wage? 2. What does she discover? Barely could live on minimum wage
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Unformatted text preview: Your always going to stay poor if you are working $7 an hour Even if a worker is hurt, they dont take off. They cannot afford to miss a day of labor. If you work by paycheck after paycheck you cannot afford to take a day off to go job searching because you will lose your current job. If one thing goes wrong things will just keep getting worse If you do not have health insurance, you are most likely going to go bankrupt if you need to seek medical care 3. What changes in the next 10 years? Being poor is associated with crime On going cycle of difficulty and abuse is increasing it is very hard to get out of being poor 4. What forms of intersecting inequalities can we find? Criminal records...
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nickel and dimed - Your always going to stay poor if you...

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