war and terrorism

war and terrorism - December 8, 2011 War and Terrorism...

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December 8, 2011 War and Terrorism 1.Barber, Benjamin R. “Jihad vs. McWorld.” http://bit.ly/cR2ikb 2.Kaldor, Mary. “The Politics of New Wars.” War is being fought by machines and not by people. It is going to be inhumane vehicles, which makes a lot more sense than sending people into combat. Sending machines to fight the wars for us has interesting side affects as the society sees war. How war changed? o War itself looks different and all of those ways can pretty much be drawn to how globalization itself has changed. Where as nation states were how people organized themselves that is now in many cases no longer true and most wars have historically been between people who organized themselves. Nation states fighting nation states and now nation states being less important because of globalization and then that must mea they matter less in terms of warfare. o Governments itself are not being done only within its states but a lot of times governments are transnational being bodies that encompass a lot of state governments. One of the things that happen as a result is that sometimes these transnational governments will have their own armies. o The rise of non governmental organizations for the purpose of charity so they will not be armed but they are still there and very often there on the ground providing resources and in that sense there is another place apart of the army that was never there before o All these things combine to make relations between states and complicated when relationships get violent and we need to look at all of these things too look at how war itself has changed. People actually disagree with this and say no its not that war is different now, what’s new is that we are seeing kinds of war that were there all along. What’s happening now that those kinds of wars that was always there are now happening all over the world. Its happening in new places but is not a new kind of war. Mary caldore- says that one of the reasons why war has changed is this idea that politics themselves have kind of changed. They are not about ideas they are really more about identity and which group you identity yourself with. The groups are usually not states, they are nations. States are about government and laws and
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war and terrorism - December 8, 2011 War and Terrorism...

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