devlopment and global poverty

devlopment and global poverty - Decemeber 6,2011...

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Decemeber 6,2011 Development and Global Poverty ( The Economist: “The Bottom 1.4 Billion” Escobar, Arturo. “The Problematization of Poverty.”) Property rights runs on capitalist trade Most of us are engaged in capitalist trade Capitalist trade is a global system The key to solving the problem of global development, is to get them involved into the system of capitalist trade and system of property rights so they can prove what they own is actually theirs and they can make profit off of it. This is a problematic idea Abstract- money, culture, information and is shaped by the world geography Most of the wealth is in the northern hemisphere. The southern half of the world has been left out in almost most of the wealth cumalation Living on less than 1$ a day population is growing rapidly and becoming more poor, infant mortality (China, India, Africa) Used to be 1.08 per day now 1.25 per day Additional problems calculation is done with “representative households” o One of the primary problems is if we want to calculate how much someone is living on per day in a country, you can not track everyone down and ask them how much they live on, it is just not practical. o You have to pick a sample of representative households and this ideal is really old and is something that we do a lot and the science of representative samples is really well understood and works really well provided that your sample is truly representative. The poor are not representative by nature in a country; they spend differently then the average household. Think back to social class in Barbara’s description on how you live when you’re poor and how they spend their money. They spend less in the sense that they are not spending money for a house but they spend more in terms of their income. Poor spend more. It is very
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devlopment and global poverty - Decemeber 6,2011...

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