The social Construction of Health

The social Construction of Health - November 17, 2011 The...

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November 17, 2011 The Social Construction of Health Health in Society- what is at stake? o Social justice how can we be fair society? How can we do the most good for the most people? Intersecting inequalities how do other systems of power and inequality contribute to health outcomes? How is health constructed differently in different groups? Economics How are we going to pay for all of this? The cost to the fabric of society overall and the actual monitary cost overall. Identity what does it mean to be sick? To be healthy? What do we expect from our sick and our healthy people? Professional medicine o Doctors are extremely powerful and what place they have in society and why do we think of them the way we do We always think that if we can meet a doctor, we will always love that. They are desirable A great deal of respect Being a doctor is vey exclusive Takes a lot of work to get there Are not many of them compared to other professions Long process to get to the title of being a doctor We tend to think of doctors as people who are taking care of the society We think that if someone is around sick people and making them better, then this person must be morally above us. They offer a universal product everyone wants to be healthy They have a high degree when a doctor is treating you, he is not going to care about what you think but he is going to care about what peers think. There is a lot of peer review They care if they are living up to the standards of their profession They are objective, they examine you as intimate as possible but at the same time they are clinical and are not going to beat around they bush. They are going to be honest This has a lot to do with the U.S health care. Doctors can create supplier-induced demand meaning that doctors get paid every time that someone comes to see them. They have the power to make more money.
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Medicalization like alcoholism was always looked as a a moral weakness but then became an illness and you needed to be treated. Things that were not always medicaliced, become medicalized over time. Biomedical Culture o Medicine not always a high status occupation. A lot of people did not go to the doctors because they would always make them sicker. They were barely making any money. In Russia, doctors were not being paid much and they were all women because it was not a high status job. That creates
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The social Construction of Health - November 17, 2011 The...

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