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Boundaries and gender trouble

Boundaries and gender trouble - If you are visible it is...

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November 15, 2011 Boundaries and gender trouble A history of marginalization o In the 1970’s and 80’s focus on gay men and lesbian women in gay rights women. o Systems of power and inequality, these people get the worst and shortest end of the stick o Gay rights had left aside the notion of challenging gender. But gender and sexuality began to disentangle o The internet was the connection people vitally important o Sharing stories with people comes with problems this idea that being visible matters…when people can see you they cannot ignore you and when they can not ignore you and when you say “hey I want something” they give it to you. o
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Unformatted text preview: If you are visible, it is easy to say that you are a member of the group and you demand a certain measurement of rights. • Rates of poverty o Social class in terms of income gap of the extreme ends o In terms of employment making that little a year, your pretty much invisible. The jobs that people do not want. They are having a hard time finding regular jobs not just in a sense of qualifying for wealth fare but people who work now and then but not regularly. Make under 10,000 dollars a year…minimum wage would be good compared to that. o Transgendered kids drop out of school a lot more than your average kid does....
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