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Tori Resnick Topic: Poverty Poverty in America was traditionally different than anywhere else in the world because in America, no matter how poor you are, they always felt with hard work and or with education, they can then become rich. Almost no other place in the world is like that where there are always opportunities to work in America. Even if it not 100 percent true, the mentality of thinking it is possible makes us a better, growing society. We always had a middle class where as other countries were either rich or poor. Around 1970, the rich and the poor started to spread and the middle class started to lose ground and has been continuing ever since and it is very scary because when the middle class shrinks, and the disparity between rich and poor increases, the country does not make people feel like they can never become successful (to live the American dream). The rich are getting so rich and the poor and the middle class are moving further away from the American dream. They feel like it is harder to achieve success. There will always be poverty, there
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