sex, gender, and identity

sex, gender, and identity - November 3, 2011 Sex, Gender,...

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Sex, Gender, and Identity The U.S census bureau is not necessary bad, but the problem is still a limited amount of boxes. Boxes are where we start going wrong. Maybe mixing the boxes all together will fix the problem Sex vs. gender o Sex based on biology o Gender socially constructed identity and category that organizes social life. It is something you do for other people so they know how to act around you and perform. You get a sense through your interactions with people to get a sense of what is expected. We often think of both as binaries. NEITHER OF THEM ARE! o Some cultures have more than two 1.genderqueer/gender fluid people. Accepted place in society that have a roll to play. When people in their society see them, they know how to act. There is more than two genders. It is actually not a huge stretch for us to think that our gender is binary. People say sometimes they feel masculine and sometimes they feel feminine. It is almost like putting on clothes. People who move along the gender spectrum and gender is fluid, it changes for a lot of people. 2.Intersex people sex is not binary either. There are people who are born with both sets of genital. This is a problem because the doctors or parents decide who that kid is going to be and they could be wrong. Even sex, which we normally think of the hardest of the binary, is not even always binary. The places that are intersex feel very fraught and confused and often feel like they don’t even exist. Masculine women, feminine men
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sex, gender, and identity - November 3, 2011 Sex, Gender,...

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