The trouble with Normal

The trouble with Normal - November 8 2011 The Trouble with...

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November 8, 2011 The Trouble with Normal Identity politics Discourse gays and lesbians are particular terms that are used by everybody, people that may or may not agree with them and by them themselves. Homosexual was a term identified as an illness, it has a very specific scientific and medical connotation. When you use the word, a lot of people think of them as a set of behavior and something that is very separated from a human being that has a relationship with others. Depersonalization vs. personalization between homosexual and gays/lesbians. They reproduce and construct these systems of power. Foucault would say. What’s wrong with is? We have these ideas in society that are normal, healthy, and natural o Normal o Healthy o Natural o Everyone is going to have different ideas of what’s normal, healthy, and natural. The definitions changes over time. These terms are too broad. There is a natural way that some things are and everything else is unnatural. These words create this kind of ideal that everyone is expected to fall but a lot of times people don’t fall in. A lot of times, people are punished for it and these ideas are very exclusive. Where did “normal” come from? o We have to think about the kid from the video of who am I? How do I know who I am through my interactions through other people? o Foucault is interested in power and says that the self is something that is created. It is a conduit through which power flows. Power is not necessarily being exercised, think of power almost like air, everybody has it but it moves through an axe through everybody. o How does this happen What does knowledge cost us if we want to know about ourselves? This comes from our impulse of confession. This is often religious but a founding sexual component. He is interested also in control of the self. He has this idea of identity and sexuality. We think of them as the same thing now such as sexual identity. Back during pre enlightenment, your sexuality was
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The trouble with Normal - November 8 2011 The Trouble with...

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