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October 13, 2011 Examples of papers: due late nov. 10-15 pages Defining the Beauty Within Address issues of self esteems with black women Create a club that would provide solidary. Place where women would feel supported Combat a lot of harmful things these women were seeing in media, culture Here what I want to do, here’s what I am aiming to accomplish and here’s why it’s worth doing. Bring in the general social problem as I see it. After lay out the objective You should have a literature view (find some actual literature on what our problem is that we are discussing.)- No journalism. DEFF CITE! I understand the problem in a sociological sense This is how I see what I am doing as a useful way to come at and try to fix
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Unformatted text preview: it. • Do not use “guiding questions” • Once ive listed the objective, literature • Title it “Mythology” List methodology- how I intend to conduct my research. Heres is how I am going to do. The kind of issues. The people I will contact. Should be as detailed as possible. The scientist should be able to take what has been done and replicate it. • “signifigance” restating why it matters and then state your goal and what you got out of this. Why was it affective • End the paper with your work cited. • Identify the risked people and how they should be addressed • List your target • List how long this will take • Curriculum? • Was it successful • Impact? • Make an argument and support it....
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