Post-Exam 1 Notes

Post-Exam 1 Notes - CRIM NOTES POST-EXAM 1 Court-visit...

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CRIM NOTES POST-EXAM 1 Court-visit Assgn. Due 10/16 No family, juvenile, etc cases Stay long enough to answer all questions provided on syllabus (pg 15) Physical proof that you were at the court 10/5 Police: Individuals that are given the right to use coercive force within the state’s jurisdiction Why do we need police? Bittner: Situations where “something-ought-not-to-be-happening-about-which- something-ought-to-be-done-NOW” 3 reasons why this is an excellent definition of why we need police: 1. Police are called upon to provide services that are Technically outside of the law (how they respond to a variety of situations) 2. Something is happening now that needs to be taken care of; sense of urgency, can’t wait for a later time to be resolved 3. Something ought to be done; whatever that something is may or may not involve the criminal justice system (variety of solutions for specific crime) BECAUSE OF THESE SITUATIONS, POLICE NEED TO HAVE: Discretion: A police officer or agency exercises discretion whenever they have effective limits on his, her, or its power leave the officer or agency free to make choices among possible courses of action or inaction Good definition because:
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Post-Exam 1 Notes - CRIM NOTES POST-EXAM 1 Court-visit...

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