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11:4 Notes

11:4 Notes - same Want to accomplish the same thing just...

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PHIL140 11/4/11 Discussion James Rachels Article Active better than passive (killing v let die) Example: Babies with downs syndrome (non-voluntary euthanasia) Difference between aborting (active ) and not giving them the correct surgery once out of the womb (passive —don’t get its breathing started) Jones Man plans to drown a baby Scenario A: Drowns the baby Scenario B: Witnesses baby drowning, could be easily saved and stands by and watches same intent Is there a moral issue here? What matters? Killing? Or intent? Rachels says intent matters. Intent in active and passive euthanasia is the
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Unformatted text preview: same. Want to accomplish the same thing, just how you do it. Passive worsecauses more suffering Euthanasia: Intent is to stop patients sufferingdeath of the patient. Rachels saying, Ive shown you extreme cases which makes our intuitions clearer. If we apply intent is what matters theory to euthanasia, passive and active also the same. ACTIVE EUTHANASIA IS JUST AS BAD AS PASSIVETHOUGH ACTIVE MIGHT BE MORE PREFERRED B/C IT CAUSES LESS PAIN...
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