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PHIL140 9/16/11 Valid Argument: Arguments are sound if all the premises are true, therefore giving a true conclusion Either the Patriots or the Eagles will win the Superbowl. If the Eagles win the Superbowl, the Patriots will lose. Invalid Argument: If an argument is invalid , then it is possible for the conclusion to be false even if all the premises are true . Unconnected statements to make an argument. Beyonce Knowles is married to Jay-Z, a well-known rapper. Jay-Z has a new album with Kanye West called “Watch The Throne.” If “Watch The Throne” wins a Grammy, Beyonce will receive one too.
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Unformatted text preview: Normative Claims: something ought to or ought not to be allowed ( should/should not ) Ex. You shouldn’t be wearing that shirt. Descriptive Claim: something that’s about the world ( is ) Ex. The shirt is red. Longino article: Longino defines pornography as any documentation of sexual acts that degrades women or endorses degradation. Degradation: reducing a person to something less than what they are Problem: No porn specifically states: you should degrade women...
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