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1st Lecture - WELCOME (JeffToddTiton (Titon...

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WORLD POPULAR MUSICS AND IDENTITY WELCOME! Ethnomusicological Approach * Study grounded in Ethnomusicology * Study of “people making music” (Jeff Todd Titon) * Analysis of Performance and its Context * Studying people’s “music-culture” (Titon) * Who, What, Where, When and Why * Questions * How do performances create change? * What is the role of the community? Musical Performance * Musical performance affords us a point of entry for understanding how people  achieve what they want within their own environment, how they act our their  assumptions about each other, and how they challenge authority  (Dr. Carolina  Robertson, University of Maryland) * Performance Paper  * Pick out popular music concert to attend * performance choice form * Thesis statement, outline, bibliography  * Ex. “Rivers of Babylon” Wyclef Jean,  Hope for Haiti Now benefit, 1/22/10 Characteristics of Popular Music
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* Commodification * The act of turning something into a product * Technological mediation * Commercialization * Distributed by mass media * Star System * Youth Component * Context * Whose definition? * Distinguish from Classical, Traditional, or Musicals for this course
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1st Lecture - WELCOME (JeffToddTiton (Titon...

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