HEBR212 Syllabus

HEBR212 Syllabus - HEBR212 Spring 2012 Instructor: Mrs....

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HEBR212— Spring 2012 Instructor: Mrs. Michal Cohen Office: Jimenez 2224 Office Hours: M & W 1:00 pm – 2;00 pm Email: Mcohen22@umd.edu Texts: Ivrit min hahatchala II (“Hebrew from Scratch Part II”) will be the primary text used during the semester. The book should be brought to every class. Also, please obtain a good Hebrew-English dictionary. You may wish to bring your dictionary to class. Goals: Welcome to Hebrew 212! This semester, you will continue to build your Hebrew proficiency and progress through the intermediate level. The course focuses on the skill sets of reading, writing, listening and speaking, and places a particular emphasis on Israeli culture. My approach to teaching is communicative. This means that the goal of lectures, activities, and projects is the ability to function communicatively in the language. We will use authentic texts and situations that will give you the tools to communicate in Hebrew orally and in writing. In this course, you will learn the future tense in several verb binyanim (verb categories). You will also learn the conditional structure, passive form, gerunds, and the syntax to conjugate prepositions and nouns. You will greatly increase your vocabulary, and will be exposed to recent Israeli films, music, and texts. As you know, this is a 6-credit language course, and as such, will require a significant amount of effort inside and outside the class. In class, I will be grading you on participation. Outside of class, you are required to complete assignments and prepare adequately for quizzes and tests. General Information: Prerequisites : Hebrew 211 or equivalent background experience. Attendance : Attendance in class is required and will be taken daily. You are expected to arrive on time. When you cannot come to class, you should notify me by email. Make sure to ask a classmate or the professor for the homework assignment. You are allowed 5
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HEBR212 Syllabus - HEBR212 Spring 2012 Instructor: Mrs....

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