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Journalism Notes --Exam2

Journalism Notes --Exam2 - American Journalists 1 Lincoln...

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American Journalists 1. Lincoln Steffens - Faith in the educational power of the press drove the “muckraking” magazine writers to uncover and report on the social evils in cities, states, national government, business monopolies, patient medicines, and the quality of food - A famous muckraker, felt that once people were informed they’d demand progress and reform - Job reporting for New York Evening Post , a respectable old-fashioned conservative paper that avoided crime and scandal stories unlike Pulitzer and Hearst papers - Fit in as a “gentleman” reporter covering financial news on Wall Street - Later switched to police beat - Followed in Jacob Riis footsteps he looked for human-interest stories behind crime, reporters needed to investigate more rather than report on crime - Became editor of New York Commercial Advertiser - Enlivened paper by hiring young reporters, - Joined Mclure’s Magazine , new printing technology made inexpensive mass- circulation magazines targeting new national audiences, it investigated the conditions of cities - Encouraged to take action and reform against political leaders, corporate bosses after uncovering scandals, helped Roosevelt - Roosevelt began to worry about steady stream of negative criticizing articles, he took the steam out of the muckraking movement - Published book Upbuilders inspiring profiles of business and civic leaders who were joining forces to build a better world - Worked with American Magazine 2. Tarbell - Worked for Mclure’s Magazine - Researched economic growth and business monopolies etc. based on her childhood specifically about the Standard Oil Company - Editorial assistant at Chautaquan magazine which reflected issues of movement, wrote about famous women in history - Shifted interest from science to human beings - Contributed series on the life of Napoleon Bonaparte spurring the magazines circulation and helping it survive the economic depression - Findings and publishing on Oil accused Rockefeller - Stung by charges, socialists like Tarbell and other muckrakers were trying to destroy capitalism by focusing on negative America - She felt that muckrakers put passion before facts - Bought stock in American Magazine - Turn in Tarbell’s writing “good trusts” “bad trusts” 3. Henry R. Luce - Publisher of the Times Magazine which was a snappy opinionated newsmagazine primarily condensed newspaper articles for business executives too busy for daily papers
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- Cut costs by moving headquarters from NYC to Cleveland, Ohio where he read Cleveland Plain Dealer - Realized how little national or international news reached readers other than New Yorkers - His magazines would inform, educate and lead his readers forward in the “American Century” - Attracted to journalism because of its possibilities of exerting influence for good - Editor of Hotchkiss Literary Magazine and joined Yale Daily News later joined army for WW1 - Hired as a reporter for Chicago Daily News then joined Hadden at Baltimore News -
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