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journalism200 notes

journalism200 notes - JOURNALISM NOTES Leads Pyramid lead...

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JOURNALISM NOTES 9/19/11 Leads Pyramid lead News Lead Anecdotal Lead Inverted Pyramid – common news structure containing the most important information upfront --Focusing on gender, race, religion in a story and putting it in the lead? / when is it appropriate mentioning demographics in article – relatable to reader? --Follows history…women worked for mainstream newspapers, segregation in news print/publication full circle when considering autobiographies read 9/26/11 The Professional Movement - Sociologist Michael schudson writes that “the reporter was a social invention of the 1880s and 1809s” - Schudson says that even by 1860 just before the start of the civil war “American journalism did not yet have clearly articulated common ideas and ideals. American journalism had not yet become an occupational group or an industry” - After the civil war, he writes “reporting became a more highly esteemed and more highly rewarded occupation” with a “growing marketability of a college degree in
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