Timeline - Timeline 1704 Review founded by Daniel Defoe (a...

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Timeline 1704 Review founded by Daniel Defoe (a weekly periodical and first magazine in England) 1704 Boston News-Letter solicited advertising 1730s John Peter Zenger Case 1791 First Amendment guaranteed freedom of the press 1730s Benjamin Franklin 1760s Margaret Green Draper 1776 Declared independence from Britain 1790 Philip Freneau published National Gazette in Philadelphia with Jefferson Attacked Fenno’s Gazette of United States (Hamilton’s paper) 1798 Alien and Sedition Acts passed 1821 The Saturday Evening Post first real national magazine in U.S. 1827 James Gordon Bennett joins New York Enquirer Democratic paper published his humorous sketches 1828 Elias Boudinot published Cherokee Phoenix 1830 Fodey’s Lady Book 1830s Elijah P. Lovejoy published St. Louis Observer Presbyterian newspaper defending the rights of slaves 1833 Emergence of Penny Press New York Sun by Benjamin H. Day 1835 James Gordon Bennett launched New York Herald penny paper 1841 Horace Greeley published the New York Tribune penny paper Combined New-Yorker and Log Cabin to create Weekly Tribune 1861 U.S. Civil War begins Mathew Brady – Photojournalism 1883 Joseph Pulitzer bought the New York World 1895 William Randolph Hearst bought the New York Journal 1897 Mclure’s Magazine Lincoln Steffons Ida Tarbell (1900) Muckraking 1898 Spanish-American War breaks out Richard Harding Davis & William Randolph Hearst Coverage/Illustrations is a pivotal event resulting in reporters being independent of their publishers 1908 The University of Missouri first Journalism School
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Timeline - Timeline 1704 Review founded by Daniel Defoe (a...

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