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hist157 notes - February 14, 12 Hist157 Notes Primitive...

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February 14, 12 Hist157 Notes Primitive (Savage) Society Barbarism White Civilization ^ Takes into consideration wealth, race, and gender - Roosevelt believes all of this, it has been taught, not the views of poor white farmers; considered standard societal organization Public (Male) vs. Private (Female) Spheres – becomes more restrictive as advances through social pyramid - Gender relationships/system {Age of industrialization and imperialism} (Worlds First Fair?) 1893 Chicago - Midway - Observe other civilization - Age when social science etc. is invented (new ways of thinking about the world) - 1898 not just interested in markets but to uplift and Christianize “savages” - if territories are taken and then they can attain high level of existence – doesn’t believe in black Americans (Roosevelt?) San Juan Hill - Coronel - Rough Riders (Calvary unit) includes black troops - Take Cuba and Philippines (United States) – Spanish colonizers Senator Platt - Platt Amendment July 1898 - Included in constitution that U.S. has permanent base in Cuba McKinley President in 1900 but is assassinated Teddy Roosevelt comes into office 1901 - Roosevelt Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine (1823 Europeans have to stay out of Latin-America – Caribbean – backed up through military force, it is U.S. ground) - Global struggle for power mission of American people to spread influence Sanford Dole Queen Liliuokani (of Hawaii) - 1900 U.S. assumes government of islands - Economic incentives - Similar situation in Panama – Jimmy Carter – extremely controversial Open War Policy - Secretary of State (Hayes) issues diplomatic notes to Europeans - Every power has a chunk of China and is extracting wealth and resources - 5000 U.S. troops are sent during Boxer Rebellion in China (want to assert independence) Roosevelt helps liberate England Embassy - Hayes issues second round of notes and Chinese markets won’t be closed to U.S. but will trade with any and all parts of China (free market or “open markets policy”) - Formalizes U.S. not setting up permanent colonies like Europe but have an indirect rule (putting in a friendly government until indigenous forces overthrow
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at which point send in U.S. troops) legacy, tradition of U.S> assertion of power around globe – late 1900 notion, superior White Man’s Burden - British poet of imperialism Anti-Imperiali League - Gompers wants to keep out foreigners “savages” from immigrating to U.S. - But they are primary labor force Meat vs. Rice Civilization defined in racial terms Roosevelt – Anglos actions, vision, improve race when conquer territory Great White City – display at World’s Fair Servile class (slaves – Chinese) Disenfranchisement is not just a southern phenomenon; need to understand racial superiority ideology
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hist157 notes - February 14, 12 Hist157 Notes Primitive...

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