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Unformatted text preview: COMM107 Oral Communication: Principles and Practice Interpersonal Skills Steven D. Cohen Conversation Engaging in small talk Listening Mastering the deep bump Interpersonal Conflict Causes Anger Goals to be pursued Allocation of resources Decisions to be made Behaviors considered inappropriate Your anger The other person's anger Fair Fighting Get information about other's feelings Keep arguments in the present tense Don't start if you can't finish Both parties have to participate Listen to your body Identify what you want to achieve Remember to listen Managing Conflict Approaches to conflict Avoidance Accommodation/smoothing over Compromise Competition/aggression Integration Managing Conflict Approaches to conflict Apologizing State what you did Explain why Express regret Types of behavior Conflict in Action Campbell Brown Interview with McCain/Palin Handling Criticism Seek more information Paraphrase Consider consequences of inaction Accept fair opinions Consider intentions Negotiation Principles Prepare Reframe Respond, don't react Identify and alter tactics Negotiation Principles Styles of negotiation Winlose Loselose Winwin ...
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