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321-HW4 - t3.Compose(i t2 t3 b == true else b == false...

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1. Heaps 2. global_function Boolean Satisfies_Ordering_Property ( preserves Binary_Tree_Of_Integer& t ); /*! ensures Satisfies_Ordering_Property = [t satisfies the heap ordering property] !*/ { if(t.Size() > 1) { object Boolean b; object Binary_Tree_Of_Integer t2, t3; object Integer i; t.Decompose(i, t2, t3); if(i > t2[current] and i > t3[current]) { Satisfies_Ordering_Property(t2); Satisfies_Ordering_Property(t3); t2.Compose(i, t2, t3);
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Unformatted text preview: t3.Compose(i, t2, t3); b == true; } else { b == false; } t.Compose(i, t2, t3); } return b; } 3. I would decompose recursively checking the sizes of the right and left subtrees until I reached the bottom of the tree while checking to see what the sizes of the subtrees are until the bottom, if the right subtree size returns 1 and the left returns 0 then I would know that the shape is incorrect...
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