321-HW15 - produces Integer& token_kind while(not self.Is_Ready_To_Dispense and not str.At_EOS object Character ch str.Read(ch self.Insert(ch

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HW15 1. The specs rule out recursive BL programs specifically in the definitions for CALLS_INSTRUCTION and HAS_A_CALLING_CYCLE. In CALLS_INSTRUCTION it explains that when the root of the statement is a call to an instruction then the instruction is either the statement label of the name of the instruction or that the instruction is one of the elements in the statment. HAS_A_CALLING_CYCLE goes on to explain that when there is an instruction then the instruction has a context that has new instructions as a substring of that new instruction. 2. procedure_body Get_Next_Token ( alters
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Unformatted text preview: produces Integer& token_kind ) { while(not self.Is_Ready_To_Dispense() and not str.At_EOS()) { object Character ch; str.Read(ch); self.Insert(ch); } if(self.Is_Ready_To_Dispense()) { self.Dispense(token_text, token_kind); } else { self.Flush_A_Token(token_text, token_kind); } } 3. procedure_body Get_Next_Non_Separator_Token ( alters Character_IStream& str, produces Text& token_text, produces Integer& token_kind ) { self.Get_Next_Token(str, token_text, token_kind); while((token_kind == WHITE_SPACE) or (token_kind == COMMENT)) { self.Get_Next_Token(str, token_text, token_kind); } }...
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