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final-review - CSE 321 Final Review The exam is closed-book...

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CSE 321 Final Review The exam is closed-book, closed-notes, closed-neighbor. We will provide you with a summary sheet of all the kernel operations for the relevant components. If you need to see the specification for any component during the exam, your instructor will have a copy of the full specifications for you to consult. 1. Review all material listed on the Midterm Review Sheet 2. Be able to read and understand component specifications, including convention and correspondence 3. Be able to write code from specifications 4. Be able to design, implement, and visualize recursive algorithms (5 step method) 5. Be able to analyze the performance of simple code segments. 6. In addition to the components listed on the Midterm Review Sheet, be able to use the following software components. BL_Tokenizing_Machine Array Partial_Map Queue Sequence Text 7. BL_Tokenizing_Machine Conceptual Model Representation: buffer_rep, buffer_state, and token_ready Implementation and performance of operations
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