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Unformatted text preview: Name: David Skidmore Assignment: Homework 4 1. Do review questions 1, 5, 6, 7, 11 (5 pts each) on p. 154 a. How many differences can you identify between the RISC and CISC approaches? The primary difference between the two approaches is instruction design. Using RISC encourages well defined and easy to execute instructions while CISC features very useful and large instructions. Additionally, RISC machines limit the use of size specifiers to the load and store operations while CISC allows size specifiers on both the data manipulation and transfer operations. Along similar lines, RISC and CISC have fixed and variable length, number of operands, formats, and number of clock cycles in execution respectively. b. Explain the significance of the term instruction slot . What is the load delay slot ? Instruction slots refer to memory for storing “ pipelined ” instructions for execution. The load delay slot is the instruction immediately following a load that must be executed before the processor can use the loaded value. Processors can take values from instruction slots and use them in the load delay slots. c. What is a pseudo-operation ? Give an example. A pseudo-operation is any operation not directly implemented by the machine but recognized by the assembler. For example, the SPARC instruction cmp %r1, %r2 is actually implemented as subcc %rs1, %rs2, %g0 ....
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Homework4 - Name David Skidmore Assignment Homework 4 1 Do...

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