midterm - Name:_[_] Base conversion (3 pts each) Consider...

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Name:_[_______________________________________________________] Points: ____ / 100 Base conversion (3 pts each) Consider the numeric value represented (in simple base nine) as 130 7 . 1. Give its decimal representation. 96 2. Give its 8-bit simple binary representation. 0x60 3. Assuming it’s a byte address in memory, would this be aligned to 32-bits, 16-bits, both or neither? both 4. Give the simple binary representation in hexadecimal . 110 0000 5. What parity bit value would be prefixed to make a valid odd parity encoding? 1 6. Give the negative of this value (i.e., -130 7 ) in 8-bit signed magnitude form in binary 1110 0000 OR 0XE0 7. Give the 8-bit two’s complement encoding of this negative number (i.e., -130 7 ) in binary 1010 0000 OR 0xA0 True/False (2 pt each) 1. [ T / F ] The output of a combinational circuit is strictly a function of its inputs. 2. [ T / F ] In order to increase the efficiency of memory fetches, architects of some machines have decided to make the instruction after a branch always be executed. Multiple Choices: circle any and all that apply; look at both columns (2 pts each) 1) Examples of a variable length encoding scheme for character data are: a) Hamming b) Huffman c) parity d) ASCII 2) The implementation of the Sparc synthetic instruction cmp uses: a) %r0 b) subcc c) or d) sethi 3) Registers may contain a) the ALU b) Characters c) Addresses d) System clock e) integers f) a multiplexor 4) Which of the following is a Sparc instruction, in valid syntax: a) stub [%r1+%r2],%r3 b) ld %r1, [%r2-%r3] c) add %r1, 4098, %r2 d) sethi %r10, 0x47FFF 5) Which of the following is NOT true of the Sparc: a) 32 bit instruction b) 32 general purpose registers c) has 2 memory address instructions d) CISC architecture 6) When “ cc ” is part of the name of a (non-synthetic) Sparc instruction, it means the instruction a) might change the PC b) clears the counter c) ignores the result of the operation d) accesses memory during its execution phase 7) Which of the following is NOT a synthetic Sparc instruction? a)
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midterm - Name:_[_] Base conversion (3 pts each) Consider...

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