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EC - This in fact is not true and the after affect of these...

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Grace Kim “Don’t Put that in your Mouth” – Jeffery Smith Jeffrey Smith’s lecture about genetically altered food and the affects it has on humans and what we can do about it. The first thing that took me back a little bit was when he talked about the bad affects these genetically modified foods are having on animals. It is as if we need to come to the level of animals. It is also sad to see how little people are doing to bring safe food to the markets, and the people who put safety first are either threatened or fired from their jobs. A lot of safety protocols, if even run, are done in such short time and effort, indicating that the importance lies in doing whatever it takes to bring the food to the people not caring about the safety for them. He mentioned that it is the process in which these modified foods go through that make it dangerous, not just the insecticides they are exposed to. The assumptions that institutions make, that humans will not be affected, cause them not to run any safety procedures.
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Unformatted text preview: This in fact is not true and the after affect of these decisions is being seen with people getting sick, allergic reactions or needing to go to the hospital. Jeffrey also talked about the biological aspects behind genetically modified foods. The genes in these foods, in anything really, do not function independently. The genes work together to create the DNA, RNA and proteins. When these new genes are injected into an organism like corns or potatoes, they will show desired results in addition to other negative changes. Also these altered foods will show genetically changing genes over time, so the safety tests done initially may be severely different from the one run now. One of the most mentioned companies Jeffrey talks about is Monsanto. However because this is such a big company, they have great attorneys and always find ways to get out of tight situations, even if their own studies showed results of health problems in animals....
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