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usp 144 11.01.11

usp 144 11.01.11 - ICS – incident command structure it...

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if there is a big earthquake, it is not the earthquake itself that will affect us but the other things that it will stop and interfere with people arent ready because of the view that isn’t going to happen to me there are other priorities, gets in the way in other nations, it happened, that's its but in the US it is like they want everything to be taken care by itself it is not uncommon, tons of things that end up in a warehouse or other peoples side, there are drugs that are expired or under 6 month manage a system where someone is in charge
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Unformatted text preview: ICS – incident command structure it generated out of the military and fire it is where disasters can be managed objective – getting the work down, managing th clinical stuff that is going on in the middle of crisis planning – getting through for the next 2-3 days logistics – how to get the stuff, where to get the stuff finciance- how to pay for the stuff fire, police, community clinics, hospitals work out of ICS first responder in a crisis is the YOU midigation action only offer plan , not shove it down their throat...
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