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cigaratte advertising started in 1911 public health programs start 1964 68% drop in smoking back to when it was in 1925 lung cancer is one of two, the only disease predicted by a certain activity; smoking, the population smoking, years smoking 800 million tax, 2.8 billion (4x) profit increasing gap in lung cancer 2-4 days before relapse,…. quitting need to go back people who have been off smoking a year (5% risk to relapse) quit by 65, lower 1/3 risk quit by 50, lover ½ window for initiation 14-24year? half the population is experimenting with cigarettes
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Unformatted text preview: average time smoking takes off your life is 10 years California tobacco control program: activities to change adolescent social norms on smoking increased cigarette price (of behavior) mass media program restrictions on sales of cigarettes (age restrictions, buying for a youngster, saying it is acceptable), social acceptablitiy, you are the one that says what is acceptable and not successful marketing strategy: free distribution of cigarettes during world war II military promotes smoking,...
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