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Grace Kim FOOD, INC The production of foods these days are done through mass production like an assembly line. Examples shown were chickens. These chickens are shoved in a tight space where they barely see much sunlight if any, and are given corn to make them fatter faster. The bones and internal organs of these chickens cannot keep up with the mass growth and weight. They take a few steps and plop down. It is sad to see and definitely not healthy. I feel like they would go through so much stress and those bad stress hormones are coming straight to us. Also the animals are feed antibiotics and over time the bacteria that live in them build resistance to them. Just in humans I feel that if we build a resistance to any drug, it means we are taking too much of it, meaning likewise for animals. Undocumented workers then process these animals since illegal means cheaper. It is so sad because if these undocumented workers are caught, the company does nothing to protect
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Unformatted text preview: them despite having worked for the company for years. Other people who are affected are the farmers. The companies keep the farmers under their thumb by putting the famers under immense debt. As the debt keeps piling, the farmers have a more difficult time surviving. It really is like the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. The big companies are being more protected than the individuals themselves. The employees are treated like slaves and human machines. Another point in the video was that so much of our food comes from rearrangements of corn. In the U.S. alone, 30% of the land is used to grow corn. This is because it is cheap and can feed animals, which animals are not designed to eat. I feel that the longer and more we use these processes that weren’t intended by nature, we will continue to have more health problems. However the sad thing is that now that we are so imbedded in this chain, it is too hard to get out....
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