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chapter 1 book notes - Physical Geography Book Notes...

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Physical Geography Book Notes Chapter 1 Introduction to Earth I. Geography as a Field of Learning a. Geography- Greek “ earth description” b. Generalized discipline c. Geology, meteorology, economics, and biology are more focused areas of geography or “earth descriptions” d. Geographers study how things differ from place to place. e. “geography is the areal differentiation of Earth’s Surface’. f. Physical Geography i. Study things that are “natural in origin” ii. Also environmental geography iii. Material, elemental things g. Cultural Geography i. Study of “human endeavor” ii. Also human geography iii. Material and nonmaterial features h. Interested in interrelationships i. Ex: can’t study just soil- must study rocks, climate and terrain to understand soil i. Geographers asking: Why what is where and so what? II. Science and Geography a. Processes and patterns in the natural world b. Science is a process of gaining knowledge. c. Scientific approach uses “observation, experimentation, logical reasoning, skepticism of unsupported conclusions, and the willingness to reject long held ides when new evidence contradicts them.” d. Science works by eliminating theories that cannot be supported e. Theory is the highest level of understanding in science III. Global Environmental Change a.
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chapter 1 book notes - Physical Geography Book Notes...

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