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1 EXPRESSIVE CULTURE: F ILM [V55.0750] S PRING 2012 Office Hours: Professor: Bill Simon Monday, 10:00-12:00 Room 641, 721 Broadway Preceptors: Hadi Gharabaghi ( ) Friday, 2-4 (721 B’way, Rm. 675) Debashree Mukherjee ( ) Monday, 10-12 (721 B’way, Rm. 675) Cortland Rankin ( ) Friday, 9-11 (721 B’way, Rm. 675) Paulina Suárez ( ) Friday, 4-6 (721 B’way, Rm. 675) Course Syllabus Course Requirements: Grade Distribution: * 3 brief (1-2 page) response essays 10% * 2 brief (3-page) essays 20% * 1 Mid-Term essay exam 20% * 1 Final essay take-home exam (8-10 pages) 40% * Class participation 10% Course Policies: Attendance to all lectures and recitation sections is mandatory. We will take attendance in each class, and three or more unexcused absences will result in a lowering of your grade. All work must be handed in on time except in the case of serious illness, medical emergency, or some other compelling mitigating circumstances. Failure to hand in work on time will result in the lowering of your grade. Incomplete grades and extensions will not be given without documented evidence of hardship (e.g., medical problems). Plagiarism (quoting, presenting, or paraphrasing someone else’s ideas as if they were your own without appropriate footnote and bibliographic citation) will result in a grade of F. Educational Objectives: This course will examine a certain tendency in American narrative cinema during the 1960s and in the first half of the 1970s. This tendency can be generally defined as putting into dialogue two characteristics: 1) innovation in narrative structure and the use of genre; and 2) a critical perspective towards aspects of American culture and politics. The course is designed to provide an introduction to film as an art form and as an instance of cultural production as well as a case-study for understanding film in relation to historical, political, social and cultural discourses.
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2 In pursuing the study of film in this manner, the course proposes a central methodology for understanding film as well as other artistic and cultural products. The introductory function of the course includes developing an understanding of the specificity of film form and style and the critical vocabulary we use to understand film form, style, and narration. ********************************************************************************** The following book is required for the course and is available for purchase at the
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